Jan 9, 2015

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Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata

This one will be hard to review. I haven’t seen the pilot yet, I think. It was episode zero, which makes me a little curious about whether or not it had anything to do with the actual story. All I got was a first impression, so I am writing this based solely on that.

Saenai Heroine no SodatekataThe artwork was alright. I found the characters to look a little bit too plain. It somehow felt a little familiar, like the characters were taken from different kinds of anime and put together to make something new. Other than that things looked pretty good.

The story is something that I can’t say a lot about. This particular episode contained a lot of reverse rape and a bit of ecchiness (nothing major), which is something that I, a true pervert in every sense of the word, liked to see. Is the story good though? I can’t say for sure.

I will recommend this for now, believe it or not. A-1 and Aniplex are responsible for this project and I must admit that I kind of enjoyed this strange episode. This kind of thing, as weird as it is, is actually my kind of show, so I will be following it for now.

Plot Summary: The life of Tomoyo Aki, a highschool otaku working part time to support his BD hoarding. With remarkable luck, he bumps head-first into, Megumi Kato, the most beautiful girl he has ever seen. Naturally, the meeting twists his life into a complicated torrent of relationships. Eriri Spencer Sawamura, his half-foreigner childhood friend who’s always valued her relationship with MC. Kasumigaoka Utaha, a cold, composed renowned literary genius who shoves everyone aside from our protagonist. What is this? An eroge introduction?

The tale of a small not quite doujin circle, but not quite indie studio’s journey through the tough territory of comiket and beyond.

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