Apr 2, 2012

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Saint Seiya Omega

And so it begins… I know a lot of people that are absolutely ecstatic right now, now that this Saint Seiya spinoff has begun.

The artwork is definitely, as some would say, outdated. Saint Seiya begun somewhere in the eighties, and it seems that they tried to change as little as possible. I can’t disagree with them, because why would someone change something that’s already good? So yeah, I don’t think it would be en exaggeration to say that the artwork looks like something out of the nineties.

As for the story goes, well… It started out with a lot of action. Did you notice that villain, Mars? That character has that classic old-school villain voice, I love it! I think this Saint Seiya Omega has potential, but if it’ll be successful will depend entirely on the combination between artwork and original story, seeing as this show is a spinoff, not a continuation.

Anyway, I don’t think I would have to recommend this show. A lot of people know Saint Seiya, so I’m positive that those very people will be giving this a try, but I suppose your average action-fantasy fan will come to like this anime as well. It’s a matter of personal taste.

Plot Summary: The god of war and guardian of his namesake planet, Mars, was once sealed away by Seiya, but time has passed and his revival is at hand. Meanwhile, Saori Kido (Athena) is raising the boy Kōga, whose life Seiya saved, and he’s been training every day to become a Saint in order to prepare for the coming crisis… Unaware of his destiny, when Kōga awakens to the power of his Cosmo hidden inside him, the curtain will rise upon the legend of a new Saint.

  1. Marshal says:

    I personally like it just fine, but people keep complaining about the animation, so I was just wondering what you thought.

  2. RxP DarkBox says:

    in episode 01 and 10 seiya appears but in episode 10 he is like a ghost. is he really dead?

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