Apr 16, 2015

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Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold

Saint Seiya will never die. These series (and movies and games and pretty much any other content) has been very popular for years. And why not? The story behind it is quite brilliant. But yeah, you can clearly see that the most recent series are just not on the same level as the earlier ones. They are just milking as much money from it as possible.

Saint Seiya Soul of GoldThey tried to keep the artwork as similar as possible, you can tell, but let’s face it; the first series aired almost twenty years ago. You cannot produce stuff from that year and expect to air it in this day and age.

Story-wise it’s okay, I suppose. It’s not nearly one of the best series out there. It’s not going to be either. But hey, it’s better than some of the other shows this season. I for one think it’s worth following.

Saint Seiya fans will probably enjoy this. I cannot recommend this to anime fans that don’t know about the Saint Seiya series, seeing as they will be missing a lot of vital information that would make this story a bit strange.

Plot Summary: In the Underworld, during the fight against Hades, the 12 Gold Saints gave up their lives to destroy the Wailing Wall and allow Seiya and his friends to keep moving forward. Aioria and the Gold Saints, who should have disappeared, come back to life in this beautiful Earth full of light. How have they resurrected if they were supposed to be dead? While the big mystery remains, Aioria gets involved in a new battle and when his Cosmo exceeds its limits.. a change happens to the Leo Cloth!

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