Oct 25, 2012

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Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo episode 03

This must have been the most complicated episode so far. These teenage problems, as insignificant as they are, were quite fascinating. It made me feel quite nostalgic, and no, I have personally never been in love with a genius painter, so I don’t even know why. Either way, it was well worth those twenty minutes of my life.

Truth being told, guys… I have very little to say about this episode. It was so obvious, so simple and so straightforward. All of it revolved around these complicated feelings, feelings that those teenagers aren’t very familiar with. One doesn’t know what he wants, another is completely oblivious and the other tries to fool himself by pretending nothing’s wrong. Which is which? Well, you haven’t really been watching if you can’t tell that for yourself. Let’s just say that these few characters make for a very interesting show. Perhaps it’s the right combination of personalities and voice actors/actresses? I’m not too sure yet. I just hope that they can keep it up.

Jin is constantly being followed by Misaki. He knows that she’s completely mad about him, yet he does nothing about it. Misaki is aware that he’s avoiding her sometimes, that he’s with other girls and that he probably has a lot more “experience” than she does. But she doesn’t care. She continued to pursue him. Until she saw Jin and Mashiro going to a love hotel. That’s when she finally decided to give up (for the moment).

Sorata may have stopped them from doing what they were about to do (knowing Mashiro nothing would’ve ever happened). But he did it. He admitted to himself that he has feelings for her, that he cares for her and that he wants to help her. He charged in and took over as her ‘caretaker’. The next episode should prove to be quite interesting. Their relationship, as complicated as it is right now, will bloom from thereon out. I’m sure of it.

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo episode 03 screencaps

  1. Death Knight says:

    They make you love each and every character except that playboy bastard

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