Nov 8, 2012

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Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo episode 05

Great! Fantastic! Epic! Perfect! Pick one of them, they’re all perfectly fine to describe this week’s episode of Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo. Truth being told here… I could see this coming. I didn’t know when or how, but I knew it was coming.

I’m talking about Nanami, of course. She finally gave in and joined Sorata in Sakurasou. I saw this coming. I knew that it would turn out like this ever since I saw the second or third episode. It was only a matter of how and when, really. It was quite amusing to find out that she used her high living expenses and the strange relationship between Mashiro and Sorata to move in like that. Could she, just like most of the people at Sakurasou, be a genius? It was brilliant. Hell, it almost looked as though she had it planed out. She will definitely give this anime a boost in the right direction. I’m sure of that.

There’s one thing I was actually surprised about. Sorata actually managed to retrieve all of his cats. What the hell? He gave them all away… What would be the point of taking them back? Rather, what kind of person would give them back? If I got a cat off of someone for myself or for someone else, then don’t bother coming back for it. It’s mine. That would be like donating 100 bucks to the cancer fund, only to end up asking for half of it back because you didn’t have enough to put gas in your car for the ride home.

Still, this episode was great. Sorata made some great progress with Mashiro, Nanami has finally arrived to make Sorata’s life just a little bit harder and Misaki, even though her relationship with Jin isn’t going the way she wants it to, is still the same cheerful, noisy and daring girl. Love it!

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo episode 05 screencaps

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