Dec 13, 2012

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Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo episode 10

Now this is what I call a strange episode! It’s going to be very difficult to describe. My thoughts were going in the opposite direction. I was under the impression that Sorata had sided with the blonde, and that he would help her to push Mashiro back to the world of paintings.

I never would have imagined that all the people at Sakurasou started a project together. A project that would require pretty much everyone, including Rita’s painting skills. Whatever happened to Mashiro’s discovery? I thought that he wanted Mashito to fully utilize her talents and get back to painting masterpieces?

Anyway, I like how Ryuunosuke has entered the picture at the right time. It could be interesting to see how he will interact with Rita from now on. I think they would make a good couple. Besides, Ryuunosuke, an unsociable character with a great dislike for women, could certainly use a pushy woman like Rita by his side.

I make it sound as though Rita’s a godsend. Ha, like hell she is! She’s damaged goods. She actually came to Japan to get Mashiro to paint again, merely so that she can tell people that she lost to the very best. How much more pathetic can a person become? Mashiro outshined everyone, including her, so that’s a reason to give up? My god, if giving up because there’s someone better than you was a valid reason to give up then the whole world would’ve gone to hell. Fact is; there’s always someone that’s better than you. I’m glad that she realized that. Now we can move on and work towards a good ending (I hope).

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo episode 10 screencaps

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    This story is going nowhere :/

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