Apr 14, 2012

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Sankarea episode 02

Alright, I wasn’t sure if I was actually going to write about this one, but the second episode helped me to reach a final decision. Truthfully; I have never seen anything like this. I love it. This anime has also been labelled as ecchi, but I’ve only seen one ecchi scene so far, and that wasn’t even that bad. Strange…

The episode starts with Rea-chan and Chihiro’s attempts to resurrect Baabu, Chihiro’s pet cat, as a zombie. Now, for normal people this would’ve been a clear sign to stop watching and watch something else, but not for me, and not for genuine anime fans! I actually peeked at Sankarea’s current ratings, and I must say that it’s looking pretty good, my compliments to the author!

I’m not going into how they obtained all the necessary ingredients to create that potion of theirs, but let’s just say that they finally succeeded after a lot of attempts. It’s too bad that they couldn’t enjoy it together, because Chihiro and Ranko, his niece, opened up that box at his place, when suddenly this black flash jumped out of that box and out of the window. I guess their potion worked after all, hooray for Baabu!

This is when things get a little bit more complicated. Rea-chan decided, after having put up with all her father’s bullsh*t, to drink that potion herself. However, she didn’t know that it actually worked. She just thought that it was nothing but a vial of poison. Her father, who is clearly a paedophile, kept taking things from her; family, friends, pets, you name it. She decided that life wasn’t worth living with that man in her life, so she ended her life, or so she thought. I can’t wait to see the expression on her face as she wakes up and discovers that the potion actually worked after all.

I’m not going on for too long about how I enjoyed the second episode. Let us just say that I find it worth writing about, at the very least. The story is absolutely interesting and amusing, the artwork lives up to the story’s standard, plus it’s the type of anime I enjoy most. Ladies and gentlemen, let the good times roll!

Oh, one more thing; I wouldn’t trust some of the anime fansites out there. It’s still not clear how many episodes this anime will have, but some already say it’s twelve and some say it’s twenty-four.  Don’t believe anything until it’s actually confirmed!

Sankarea episode 02 screencaps

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