Apr 21, 2012

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Sankarea episode 03

Interesting. It didn’t quite go as I had expected, but it definitely was a good episode. There were a lot of ecchi scenes present, which made it all the more confusing. This anime isn’t labelled anywhere as ecchi, so am I imagining things? I’m pretty sure I’m right here. Oh, and please don’t come to me with links from Anidb. I don’t visit that horrible website.

 It was a complicated yet relieving episode. Poor Rea woke up after having drunken that vial of poison. She was disappointed, but she was glad that she was alive. She overheard a conversation with her father, a psychopathic paedophile, that ordered one of his minions to go find Chihiro-kun and cut off his penis.

My god, that man is completely out of his mind. He wants full control over his daughter that he drove his wife into a corner, pushes away any and all friends, and is willing to kill and/or hurt anyone that gets too close to his daughter. That’s why I cheered when he Rea finally fought back. Sure, she plummeted to her death afterwards, but she was resurrected by that potion, which was still in her system at the time.

It was highly unexpected, but I like it! It’s much more interesting than drinking that stuff and waking up as a zombie. Okay, okay… I admit that I looked forward to her waking up as zombie and devouring that psychopath father of hers. We can’t all get what we want. Still, this is fine too. Chihiro has finally got the one thing that he has always wanted; a cute zombie girlfriend. Let the time of pure necrophilia roll!

Hehe, I’m kidding of course, although it really would be necrophilia I those two would… you know. I’m really looking forward to the next episode. I can’t wait to see her father’s reaction. Oh, and I’m also a little curious as to why Babu, Chihiro’s zombie cat, is so attracted to Rea. She is a zombie now, but she wasn’t one before she fell down from that cliff. Must – resist – urge – to – read – the – manga.

Sankarea episode 03 screencaps

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