May 26, 2012

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Sankarea episode 08

Good episode, very good episode. I really enjoyed this week’s episode of Sankarea. Rea-chan’s father really regressed mentally ever since Rea left him. He was a sick, perverted psychopath, but he transformed into a psychopathic paedophile king. He was completely willing to kill people in order to get Rea back.

Chihiro continued with his plan to monitor each and every one of Rea-chan’s moments. Her eating, relaxing, reading, you name it. He wants to learn more about zombies in order to perfect that potion. Rea-chan will regress at one point, which means that she will still die at one point. Chihiro just wanted to ensure that she enjoys herself as much as she can. He’s still looking for a perfected version of that potion, but it doesn’t seem like he’s made any progress. He’s just keeping a close eye on her behaviour, hoping that he might get a clue on how to perfect that potion. I think it would’ve gone much faster if he could find a way to help his grandfather with his memory instead.

Chihiro and Rea went shopping at one point, and that’s when it got nasty. They were being followed by three men, men that were sent by Rea’s father to either get Rea or Chihiro. Unfortunately, Rea-chan was way too strong for them now, so they couldn’t possibly apprehend her without getting killed. That’s why they kidnapped Chihiro instead, probably to use him as bait to lure Rea-chan back home, after which they will probably end up killing Chihiro.

The episode sounds pretty complicated, but it couldn’t possibly be any simpler. Rea’s father is insane, sends people to kidnap either his daughter or her boyfriend, but Rea-chan has become way too strong for normal human beings, so they took her boyfriend instead as bait. I see a way out of this; get Rea to tear each and every one of his men apart, save Chihiro and make her father suffer a lot for everything he did to her, her family and her friends.

Sankarea episode 08 screencaps

  1. kukukuman says:

    it is matter of time be4 rea gets revenge on her dad 😀

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