Jun 9, 2012

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Sankarea episode 10

About time! I have been waiting for two weeks to watch this episode. I should’ve seen it last week, if it weren’t for that ridiculous side-story. This episode made me look at the Sanka family from a whole different perspective, including Rea’s stepmother, whom is just as twisted as her father.

So we all know that Rea’s father kidnapped Chihiro and is planning to kill him. The man is completely insane and will do practically anything to get his daughter back. Then again, his wife isn’t that sane either. She threw herself at Chihiro, hoping he would satisfy her sexual urges. I know she was drunk, but that’s no excuse. She is completely insane, and her husband is the one that pushed her towards insanity. I was surprised to see Chihiro so cool and composed. I would’ve screamed, struggled and done everything else in my power to get away from that psychotic family. No wonder that Rea has been dying to get out (literally).

It seems that Rea’s father has always had a thing for under aged girls, even as a young(er) man. The fact that he married a crippled fifteen year old girl proves that. The fact that he is so obsessed by his teenage daughter proves that’s he’s still going at it. I suppose it’s only a matter of time before his wife gets fed up with him and stabs him to death or something like that. You ignore wife to go after your daughter? That’s an automatic death sentence in my opinion.

Rea realized that her father was behind the kidnapping, but what will she do? She still probably hasn’t fully realized her monstrous strength. If only she used that strength of hers to free Chihiro from the clutches of her wretched family. I’m pretty sure that she disowned them emotionally, so all that’s left is to cut the link that connects her to her family and live the rest of the life alongside Chihiro.

Sankarea episode 10 screencaps

  1. Moore, Ron says:

    at the bit wheen they are in the lift, just when chihiro gets to work in the bath house?

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