Jun 23, 2012

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Sankarea episode 11

Okay, this was the weirdest episode yet. What the hell is wrong with Chihiro? In fact, what the hell is wrong with Rea? The story has just taken a very strange turn into a very strange direction. It makes the possibility of a second season a whole lot smaller.

Chihiro is still being held captive by Rea’s father, Rea is still a zombie, Rea’s mother is still sexually frustrated and Rea’s father is still the same old psychopath. Not much has changed, really. It’s just that the story has taken a strange turn when Rea, Chihiro and Rea’s father got together in the same room. Sure, her father had pierced Chihiro’s stomach with that fencing sword of his, but that’s alright. He didn’t feel the pain at first because of Rea’s poison. Now, that’s not the strangest part. The strange part was when they all started taking and Rea’s father actually gave them permission to live together. Seriously? After all they’ve been through?

Hell, I’m pretty sure that Rea’s father is aware of his daughter’s current predicament. He is aware that she’s a zombie with very little time left. We mustn’t forget that it was Chihiro who brought her back with his potion, so in theory he is also has the best chance of saving her life. Things would be so much easier for him if his grandfather could help. If only his memories wasn’t as messed up as Rea’s father…

Frankly, I’m rather curious as to how this is going to end. I have yet to hear anything about a second season. Sure, the ratings have been pretty good, but there are many other factors than just ratings. I like Rea, I really do, but I think I would rather see him end up with Ranko, even though they’re cousins. It’s a very complicated and vicious love triangle, but hey… There are always losers where there are winners.

Sankarea episode 11 screencaps

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