Mar 21, 2012

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Second Recorder and Randsell season green-lit

Second Recorder and Randsell season green-lit

The official website for the Recorder and Randsell television anime series announced on Tuesday that the series will continue on for a second season. The website also began streaming a 64-second trailer for the second season. The new season will be titled Recorder and Randsell Re.

Director Hiroshi Kimura will return for the sequel series, which Dream Creation will again produce and the studio Seven will again animate. The first season’s main cast, which includes Rie Kugimiya, Ryotaro Okiayu, Aya Gōda, Aya Hirano, Tomoe Tamiyasu, Takahiro Sakurai, and Fuko Saito, will also return. Stare will perform the second season’s theme song “Paprika.”

Both seasons adapt Meme Higashiya’s four-panel manga, which revolves around Atsushi Miyagawa and his sister Atsumi Miyagawa. Atsushi looks like an adult at 180 centimeters (about 71 inches) tall, but he is actually an elementary school boy. Atsumi looks like a little girl at 137 centimeters (54 inches) tall, but she is actually in high school. The manga launched in Takeshobo’s Manga Club Original magazine in 2007, and it also runs in Takeshobo’s Manga Life Original magazine. Crunchyroll is currently streaming the television anime series outside of Japan as it airs, and the JManga website is hosting the original manga.

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