May 29, 2012

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See Me After Class anime promo online

See Me After Class anime promo online

The official website for the anime adaptation of Akiyoshi Ohta and Munyū’s Asa Made Jugyou Chu! (See Me After Class) school romantic comedy manga began streaming a new two-minute promotional video. Although this latest video is censored, it states that the original video anime’s release will be uncensored.

The story revolves around Yūki Kagami, a boy who enrolls in the academy of his dreams as a honors student — and is mistakenly put in the girls’ dormitory where boys are prohibited. Faced with the possibility of having to leave the school, Yūki has to dress up as a girl in the dormitory. On top of things, he ends up rooming with the female teacher Ayana Kakinozaka, who has to watch over him.

Hiromitsu Kanazawa is writing, storyboarding, and directing the anime at the studio GoHands. Takayuki Uchida is designing the characters, and Funta is composing the music.

The 25-minute anime will first be released on a DVD bundled with the third volume of Akiyoshi Ohta and Munyū’s original manga on June 23. Then, it will ship on a Blu-ray Disc with about 5 minutes of bonus extras and an exclusive card on June 27.

The first edition of the June 27 release will add a soundtrack CD with background music and the main theme song, a “Forbidden Lesson Magazine” with an all-new color manga (tentatively titled “Ayana-sensei Yarisugi Desu!” or “Ayana-sensei Is Overdoing It!”) and “For-Your-Eyes-Only” production materials collection, and another card.

The North American publisher Digital Manga announced in April that it will release the original manga under its Project-H Books imprint in spring 2013.

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