Jan 15, 2015

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Sengoku Musou

There’s always one of these shows. This is insanely popular in Japan and the games are pretty popular in the west as well. I, too, have played those samurai games and I loved them. Just slashing apart huge armies of solders. Priceless.

Sengoku MusouThe artwork will always look alright when it comes to these types of shows. There is always plenty of backing and the characters and weapons always look good, not to mention the action scenes.

The stories, because they are based on games, aren’t always good. I have seen similar anime that turned out to be pretty bad because of a disappointing storyline. Only time will tell if this particular storyline is good or not.

This is difficult to recommend as well. I don’t know if the story is going to be good or not, so I advise you to check out the first episode for yourself.

Plot Summary: Toyotomi Hideyoshi is on the verge of unifying the realm, and all that remains is the Odawara Castle protected by the “Lion of Sagami” Ujiyasu Houjou. Hideyoshi’s personally trained generals—Ishida Mitsunari, Katou Kiyomasa, and Fukushima Masanori—as well as Ootani Yoshitsugu, Shima Sakon, and Naoe Kanetsugu are all on the frontline of the battle. Amidst the battle formation are the two young warriors of the Sanada household: older brother Nobuyuki and younger brother Yukimura. As the stalemate begins to break down, Sanada Yukimura rides on a lone horse into the fray. His brother follows him right after.

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