Jul 7, 2013

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Senki Zesshou Symphogear G

It’s here… I cannot believe that they got so high on cocaine that they actually decided to make a second season of this crap. I mean, what the hell? I barely made it through the first season because my girl wanted me to, but now it’s back…

Senki Zesshou Symphogear G

The artwork is exactly the same; the characters look pretty good, the sceneries look good, the weapons look pretty good and the enemies still look like crap. It’s amazing how very little effort they put into that.

The story is amazing, absolutely amazing. In fact, it is so amazing that I actually get to urge to buy a gun and paint my walls red with my blood and pieces of my brain. How could anyone enjoy watching a show where the characters need to start singing in order to be able to fight?

I believe that god created the world in six days and that he created this crap on the seventh day in order to piss me off. Are you gay and without any friends? Do you not have a job or a social life? Go for it! Watch the hell out of this! If not; don’t bother.

Plot Summary: Two years ago, a pair of idols, Tsubasa Kazanari and Kanade Amou, collectively known as ZweiWing, fought against an alien race known as Noise using armor known as Symphogear. To protect a girl named Hibiki Tachibana, who got severely wounded by the Noise, Kanade sacrificed herself. Two years later, as Tsubasa has fought the Noise alone, Hibiki ends up gaining the same power as Kanade

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