Jan 9, 2013

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Senran Kagura

I have been waiting for this ever since I read the plot summary, but now that it’s here I’m not sure anymore. I’m not sure I like it. It’s somewhat up my alley, but at the same time it isn’t. I suppose you could call it too much of a good thing?

Senran KaguraThe artwork, if anything, would have to be the problem here. The characters don’t look that special and the sceneries could use a bit more detailing. The main characters look so standard, especially Yagyu, a tsundere loli with an eye patch. I’ve seen these characters so many times, not to mention characters with flowers for eyes (Hibari).

The story in itself is pretty interesting, although not that original either. High school girls that train to become fighters in a world of their own? Yeah, that’s real original. Not!

I suppose all Ikkitousen fans would love this one, as these shows are very similar. I won’t recommend this to anyone else. Real die-hard ecchi fans will definitely watch this, but I’m not sure about regular viewers, sorry.

Plot Summary: Lots of busty teenagers trying te become skilled fighters. They enroll in a school with a secret training program for people like them.

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