Jun 23, 2015

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Seraph of the End episode 12

Really obvious that there was going to be another season. Nothing had ended and there are simply too many questions left to be answered. I must say; I did enjoy the season overall, but I did betray my expectations. I expected more.

[Ohys-Raws] Owari no Seraph - 12 END (MX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_03.33_[2015.06.22_23.24.35]So Yu was hospitalized after he lost control like that. Rather, he didn’t really lose control. He was made to close control by that colonel of his. He was given “special” pills that would trigger his inhuman side and made it seem as though he had lost control. The guy had no choice. Now I understand why that demon of his was so puzzled when he tried to tame her. I’m really curious to see how she will deal with this and he, too, will deal with this situation. I hope he finds out quickly so that things don’t get dragged out again. It’s predictable enough as it is.

[Ohys-Raws] Owari no Seraph - 12 END (MX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_14.08_[2015.06.22_23.24.57]You know, the biggest problem in Seraph of the End is the pace. I have said it a thousand times before; it’s too damn slow. There’s hardly and progress and when there’s finally progress things tend to become predictable. They really need to work on that. I haven’t read the manga at all, but I refuse to believe that the manga is this slow-paced.

Anyway, Yu’s secret admirer will do her best to find out more about his current predicament. They experimented on Yu when they found him and now there’s something inside him that could very well wipe out the entire city. So many questions come up… Do the rest of the commanders know? Will Yu remain loyal? Will that demon remain loyal? We sure know that Colonel isn’t. Not to humanity. So many questions that need to be answered this October…

Seraph of the End episode 12 screencaps

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