Apr 5, 2015

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Seraph of the End

I’m pretty sure every anime fan has been hearing of Seraph of the End. The hype around this show was insane. Do I understand why? Meh. The first episode was a bit strange and weak in my opinion, but yes, it does look promising.

Seraph of the EndI suppose there’s nothing wrong with the artwork. It looks very, very good. The characters look nice, the surroundings are pretty cool and the level of detail is superb. I have really no complaints about the artwork whatsoever.

The story is what worries me a little. I mean, a virus breaks out any all humans older than thirteen suddenly die instantly and the world gets overrun by vampires. They did not explain that nearly enough and I cannot help but wonder what the hell is going on. The first episode simply didn’t really explain much.

I do recommend this to all action fans. It looks very promising. I am not going to give this a negative review because of a cryptic first episode even though it looks so promising. I am definitely going to be waiting for the second episode.

Plot Summary: After an unknown virus wiped out all adults on earth, vampires appeared and ruled over the surviving children, treating them like livestock. Yuichiro Hyakuya survived along with other orphans by giving their blood to vampires, until Yuichiro escaped four years ago. Now he is a member of the Moon Demon Company, a unit in the Japanese army dedicated to hunting down the vampires he blames for the death of his family.

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