Nov 24, 2011

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Several updates

I love this additional free time that I’ve been experiencing. Too bad it won’t last long; my girl will be back this Friday.

I’ve made some fixes and improvements to the website. The contact page is now fully working, no more captcha errors of any kind. Please comment if you do experience any errors.

I’ve also fixed the tabbed widget in the sidebar. You could only use it to see recent posts, but I’ve sorted out all the bugs and got the rest working. Hopefully this will make the site easier to navigate. Hell, it should, right? Now you can see the latest comments as well as the most popular posts, no more endless searching for stuff.

And finally I’ve added a new page! This page will allow you to view the latest news items that, if I did my job correctly, all relate to anime and/or manga. I’ll do my best to keep it as updated as possible from now on.

I hope you all enjoy these new changes, and remember; suggestions are always more than welcome.

  1. Aw great job GD! I already sent you an email about the sidebar not working properly, nice to see it working. I never had any problems with the contact form though?

  2. I enjoyed reading through your postings. I need to say that it was the 1st article on your blog I genuinely enjoyed and in which I had a feeling of agreement, know what I mean? Keep it up.

  3. it looks great! It’s nice that I can now keep track on my comments and commented posts.

    btw; I’ve been seeing MyAnimeBlog twitter tweets recently?

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