Jul 2, 2013

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Shingeki no Kyojin episode 13

Warning: what I am about to say is very disturbing and may creep you out. Continue reading at your own risk! I laughed! Yep, I laughed half-way through the episode when the image of nerds everywhere “jizzing” in their pants came to mind. Truly an episode that makes you happy you’re alive.

[gg]_Shingeki_no_Kyojin_-_13_[D7CF2624].mkv_snapshot_08.10_[2013.07.01_23.52.50]So we continue where we left off; Eren was having a hard time controlling that titan’s body. He let it control him instead for a little bit, when suddenly, thanks to Armin (unbelievable), he woke up and took over the reins. It really makes you wonder how that transformation works, doesn’t it? It’s sort of like a double-edged sword.

Anyway, Eren continued her mission when he regained control of that body. He certainly didn’t waste any time carrying that boulder in order to seal up the wall, ensuring that no more titans can get in. It was a little bit of a let-down when he succeeded so easily. I know many people died protecting him, but I expected a little titan on titan action, you know?

[gg]_Shingeki_no_Kyojin_-_13_[D7CF2624].mkv_snapshot_19.57_[2013.07.01_23.55.11]I thought that it was over for the time being. The hole had been sealed for the time being, Eren and most of his friends survived and the mission was a success. All that was left was to identify those that died in combat and to exterminate the remaining few titans that roamed the city. My expectations for this episode were over at that point.

Yeah, so imagine my surprised when I saw how Eren woke up again; behind iron bars and chained to a bad with the people he helped save on the other side. How much more messed up do you want it to get? I was shocked. They actually imprisoned their hero, and the worst part is that I could actually understand and somewhat agree with them. I kind of wished that Eren transformed and whooped their asses.

Shingeki no Kyojin episode 13 screencaps

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