Oct 2, 2012

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Shinsekai Yori

I’ll admit that I was sceptical at first about this anime. I read the plot and saw some images, but that was pretty much it. It somehow reminded me of Steins;Gate, even though the similarities between this and that are minimal. Not that I can say this for certain, but there’s very little chance for Shinsekai Yori to overtake Steins;Gate in ratings.

The artwork is probably the best thing about this entire show. It looks interesting. It has a dramatic feel to it. And although the characters look good, I for one can’t help but feel that they could’ve been so much better if they worked on some unique characteristic features.

This brings us to the story; not bad. I myself am not into psychic powers, but still… The story behind it is pretty interesting. It sort of reminded me of the latest Avatar series, where people without powers try to overthrow those with powers.

I could only recommend this anime to those that like dramatic series where the characters have supernatural abilities. I know, I would be targeting a large audience by saying that, but I don’t think I could make my recommendation much more complicated. Just give the first episode a try, you might like it.

Plot Summary: About one thousand years into the future, civilization has been retrograded and humans are living dispersed within small communities. People in this era have a psychic power called “Juryoku” which materializes things they imagine. In the absence of advanced scientific technology, people are using this power as a major source of energy.

One day, a girl called Saki, along with her friends, finds a small archive robot outside the town. It records the ancient history of humans. It tells them that Juryoku was found in the 21st century and the discovery caused a world war between psychics and non-psychics. The psychics won this war and thus their reign of terror began.

When the adults in town figure out that the children discovered this forbidden knowledge, they seal their Juryoku and exile them. Saki and the others end up in a forest where they meet a huge hairless bipedal mouse known as a “Bakenezumi” and get involved in a violent war the creatures are currently engaged in.

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