Apr 4, 2015

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Shokugeki no Souma

I knew this would happen. I read the manga and still follow it to this day and knew after only just a few chapters that an anime adaption was forthcoming. It was quite a brilliant piece and very entertaining. It was only a matter of time.

Shokugeki no SoumaThe artwork is pretty good. They are trying to make the connection between sex and food, which is something fat people (no offense) can relate to the most. Also, they did not make the same mistake like they did with Nisekoi. The artwork doesn’t look weird.

As for the story; they really are trying to make the connection between sex and feed. They teach you about cooking and using ingredients and such, but at the same time they introduce an ecchi element that will keep you watching for other reasons as well. Quite an interesting idea.

Is it worth watching? Yes. I think so. I believe the story to be very interesting and very promising. You really can learn a thing of two and still have a good laugh at the same time. It’s definitely worth trying.

Plot Summary: On a mission to explore all aspects of the culinary world from the divinely decadent to the unbearably grotesque, Soma Yukihira’s ultimate goal is to become a chef that can surpass his father. He’s shocked one day when his dad decides to close up the family shop for the next few years and send him to a prestige cooking school in the mean time. However, there is a catch – only less than 10% of the students graduate from this elite institution, and his father says any dream of beating him will be a joke if Soma can’t succeed.

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