Jul 8, 2014

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Shounen Hollywood: Holly Stage for 49

Amazing. This was so bad that I actually questioned myself for watching anime in the first place. I know it’s made with your average girl in mind, but are there any that actually like this crap? I couldn’t even finish the whole episode…

Shounen Hollywood Holly Stage for 49The artwork is dreadful. It looks so incredibly gay and all the characters look a lot like each other but with different haircuts. I could actually fall apart crying if I were to watch too much of this.

A truly dull and pointless story, which led me to believe that it really was made for girls. All of these gay-looking guys want to become superstars and all of them have their own unique, gay qualities that will undoubtedly pound them to the top (gay pun intended).

Do not watch this. Seriously. Do not watch this. I can’t say it enough. Even if you like gay stuff, don’t watch it. Go watch Free! or something.

Plot Summary: The plot takes place 15 years after the original light novel’s story in a fictional theater called Hollywood Tokyo in Harajuku. The five aspiring members, Kakeru, Kira, Ikuma, Daiki and Shun, work together to develop their talents as idols.

  1. At least you could name the characters. Not a single character’s name even registered in my mind after watching 2 episodes. Or maybe because I wasn’t paying too much attention. The first episode made me roll my eyes but I thought I’d give it another chance and watched the 2nd episode. I fell asleep right in the middle. I find it boring that Kamigami no Asobi is far more entertaining to watch than this. Or maybe it’s my fault for compairing Shounen Hollywood to UtaPri.

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