Apr 16, 2015

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Sidonia no Kishi: Daikyuu Wakusei Seneki

It’s back! I have been waiting for this. Knights of Sidonia has really caught me by surprise. The artwork takes getting used to, but that doesn’t take long. You generally just enjoy every episode and that’s what it’s all about!

Sidonia no Kishi Daikyuu Wakusei SenekiThe artwork, as I stated earlier, is something you have to get used to. The characters look a bit 3D-ish and a lot of people, including myself, aren’t really used to that. Still, I believe the level of detail is high and that you get used to everything else after only a few minutes. No problem whatsoever.

Nor do I have any complaints about the story. I always found it very interesting. My eyes never left my screen when I was firing up an episode. I doubt that’s going to change with season two.

I honestly do recommend this. Knights of Sidonia is one of those unexpected jewels that you stumble upon. It catches you by surprise and once you are caught you don’t want to go. It’s definitely worth watching.

Plot Summary: Having narrowly avoided the collision with the asteroid, the Sidonia sets a course for the Lem system in order to wipe out the Gauna nest.

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