Oct 3, 2015

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Soukyuu no Fafner: Dead Aggressor – Exodus 2

A lot of anime fanatics are nuts about this show. I honestly don’t see it. It’s amusing to watch alright, but it’s by no means one of the best shows out there. I pretty much prefer any of the Gundam series over this one any day of the week.

Soukyuu no Fafner Dead Aggressor - Exodus 2The artwork is alright. The level of detail is definitely there and I like a lot of the characters. They have that “old school” feel to them. I like that.

My problem with the series is the story. You get lost quite easily. A lot of scenes are vague and the outcome tends to be clear before it even happened.

I personally cannot recommend this. Only to mecha fans. I myself like to watch it only when there’s nothing else left to watch or do.

Plot Summary: 2150 A.D. The battle with the Festum, the silicon life-forms from distant outer space, had reached a new dimension. The North Polar Meir that was crushed during the First Azure Operation had dispersed its fragments all over the world. They all started activity on their own as independent Meirs. Most of the Meirs harbored hatred towards humanity and challenged a fight, however, a portion of the Festum chose coexistence with mankind. Amongst the crossfire, the Ryugujima island alone disappeared from the forefront of battle and continued its silence. The island had gained a means to converse with the Meir since their encounter with Misao Kurusu two years ago. The children of ALVISS had been searching for a way to understand the enemy as they prepared for battle. And now, once again, further evolution was about to befall the island. A girl that understands the language of the Festum, and a girl protected by a Festum. When the two meet, the doors to a new universe opens.

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