Apr 30, 2012

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Space Brothers episode 05

Well, so much for my lazy Sunday ritual. I normally wake up, turn on my computer and haul in all the new episodes, go make breakfast and watch the episodes as I scarf down my food. I couldn’t this time because they were late with the subs. My breakfast tasted like cardboard without my usual entertainment.

Moving on… Mutta finally arrived in the US and met up with his little brothers. But not before meeting his annoying little dog first. Seriously, those dogs are so ugly, no offense. They look a hundred and drool all over the place. And he kept following Mutta around because he probably smells similar to his little brother, Hibito.

Those two were finally reunited alright, but you could tell there was an awkward atmosphere between them. Hibito has become what he has always wanted, while Mutta is still struggling to become it. That kind of awkwardness gets amplified when it’s involves an older brother whose motto is; “an older brother should always stay ahead”.

Hibito’s plan was for Mutta to join him during his training, but Mutta skipped the first day. I guess he was too embarrassed or something. He knows what he wants, he is, partially thanks to his little brother, going after it, and yet he still has problems with it. He just can’t accept the fact that his little brother is ahead of him. He followed the path of auto manufacturing and Hibito continued to fulfil his dream (to become an astronaut). It’s no wonder that Hibito is ahead. And what’s more, Mutta may even be in trouble if he doesn’t make the cut.

You know, the funny thing is; Mutta was actually ahead until recently. He was a big shot at some car manufacturer, and he actually designed quite a few popular vehicles. I believe that that counts for something. He did a lot of stuff in his life (up until now) that a lot of people take for granted. I would think that he would’ve been rich by now, you know, with him designing all those cars and all. Right now I just hope that he will continue his training soon and meet up with his friends (and (future) girlfriend).

Space Brothers episode 05 screencaps

  1. Zezaru-senpai says:

    i’m afraid that this will be just about his training. it has been said that uchuu kyoudai will only have 12 episodes so no actual adventures will probably be seen

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