May 7, 2012

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Space Brothers episode 06

Oh thank god. I was actually a little bit nervous about Mutta’s future career as an astronaut after having seen last week’s ending. It is a good thing that Mutta attracts good people, resulting in him having quite a few loyal and trustworthy friends. One couldn’t possibly have too many good friends to rely on.

Mutta has been doing his best, we all know that. Masa, one of the higher-ups at JAXA, noticed that too, which is why he decided to contact a few of Mutta’s former colleague’s to find out what happened between Mutta and his former boss. How many friends would put their job at risk like that to help out a friend? I think Masa’s impression of Mutta only got better because of this. He knew what kind of person Mutta was, seeing as he knew him since Mutta was only a boy. Finding out that Mutta head-butted his former boss to protect his family didn’t surprise him at all, and nor should it. Family (according to some) is important.

This week’s episode wasn’t all about that though. We saw many things; Hibito’s training schedule, the place where he trains, and we’ve actually learned a few things about Mutta too. Most Space Brothers fans know that Mutta has a very good eye for detail, but I for one hadn’t realized that he was that good. He kept track of Hibito’s time without counting, and that female guide took notice of that too.

Let it be known that I refuse to believe that Mutta hasn’t realized his own talents. He knew he wasn’t actually keeping track of his brother’s time, and yet he knew that he was two seconds slower during his second lap. Talent like his younger brother can be obtained through a lot of training, but Mutta’s talent is a lot more complicated.

I am really looking forward to see next week’s episode. We should find out whether or not Mutta will get kicked out because of his past, whether or not Mutta will admit that he has talent and if the people around him think so too. That should prove to be quite the amusing episode, providing I’m right. Mind you, I’m pretty positive that we’re going to find out whether or not Mutta is staying during next week’s episode. I highly doubt that they would drag it out yet another week. I can’t wait!

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