May 21, 2012

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Space Brothers episode 08

What a great episode. A bit strange perhaps, but still great. Everyone could tell that Mutta would pass the second round of the JAXA exams after he pulled off this little stunt. They didn’t really leave that much of a cliff-hanger I’m afraid, after all; one plus one makes two.

We all know that Mutta became a hero after that little incident in that restaurant. Everyone sees him as a hero that stopped the criminal from robbing more people, even though that’s not what actually happened. Mutta didn’t do squat. He tried to escape, when suddenly Hibito’s dog ran off. Mutta just tried to get that dog when he tripped, fell and accidently head-butted the criminal. How corny is that? Still, the man could use any form of positive advertisement at that point, seeing as the people at JAXA were about to fail him, until the chief walked and said that he hoped for Mutta’s acceptance onto the next round.

What was supposed to be a coward soon turned into an (inter)national hero. Maybe I should floor people as well at the local supermarket? I wouldn’t mind getting a little bit of attention like that. It should allow me to get a lot of jobs if I could put something like that on my résumé. Oh well, he seemed to enjoy himself for once. I just hope that all that ‘fame’ won’t go to his head, because he cannot afford to get cocky at this point. There’s just too much at stake here.

It shouldn’t take long now before Mutta finishes his training, but that’s only if all goes well. It could all go south from here on out, and that’s something only Mutta has control over. The only thing on his mind right now is those letters he found. It seems that Hibito has completely prepared his will, which means that he already prepared for the worst case scenario. I can’t blame the guy, can you? Being an astronaut is a very risky profession.

Space Brothers episode 08 screencaps

  1. I wouldnt mind if they spent the entire anime about Mutta’s training. I have been enojoying myself a lot, so why not?

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