Jun 4, 2012

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Space Brothers episode 10

Good episode, really. I wish I could’ve seen it a bit sooner, but I slept a bit longer since I couldn’t sleep at all last night (not related to anime, lol). I’m actually a little bit anxious to be honest. I don’t want to find out in two weeks or so that Space Brothers will have thirteen episodes, seeing as that bit of information is still not known. The anime is doing pretty well when it comes to ratings, so I doubt that anything like that would happen, but still…

Anyway, Mutta’s training has finally resumed. He was a little bit nervous at first, but in general he was happy to see Serika again. He didn’t get to hang with her a lot though. Their next assign was to get on this bus with no windows, which was meant to take them to a secret location whilst performing all sorts of tests during the ride. I see very little connection between conversational skills and space travel, but aright. I suppose it comes in handy when you are able to community freely with your colleagues, but other than that…

I’m a little worried about Kenji though. He seems different. He has been acting a bit strange ever since that party in the last episode. I thought that he was just a little bit cautious about the upcoming tests, but I don’t think that’s it. He was acting strange even before they got on the bus, and I’m sure that Mutta noticed as well. Perhaps he’s still not sure about becoming an astronaut? I can imagine that it wouldn’t be easy to leave your family behind to go on a very dangerous mission for over two whole years.

Oh, and as for those tests; I don’t think that they are monitoring their communication skills. It may be a wild guess on my part, but I think it’s their behaviour that they are interested. I think that they want to know how they cope with the situation and if they noticed anything ‘strange’. Mutta has excellent eyesight and memory, just like Kenji, so I’d say that those two have the upper hand right now.

It was a very mysterious episode, I’ll give them that. It made me kind of curious about where they were taken and what for, which is probably what we’re going to find out during the next episode.

Space Brothers episode 10 screencaps

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