Jun 11, 2012

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Space Brothers episode 11

Hmm… Not much happened during this episode, huh? I wouldn’t say it was boring, but it sort of feels like there was very little progress. I also feel as though this episode was aimed more towards comedy than anything else, so that might have something to do with it.

They started with basic introductions. Watch an informative movie, tell the finalists about what they can expect and what they are going to do for the next few weeks. Nothing major, really. That’s basically when all the comedy started; Mutta was anxious, Kenji was anxious and Serika-chan was hungry as hell. I honestly didn’t see that coming, but it’s fine. I enjoyed myself.

The objective is to spend approximately two weeks together in a place with no windows. The point of this exorcize is to see how the finalists deal with confined spaces. Spaces without sunlight or clouds. That’s quite ingenious with you think about it. Astronauts spend years in small spaces without being able to look at clouds of sunlight, so it’s only natural for them to put something like this in the test.

However, the real test, in my humble opinion, came after that. The director gave all teams a simple assignment; try to find out what time it is. All teams had to discuss what time it is based on their calculations. Mutta’s team all did their part by calculating the basics, but Mutta only handed in his estimation. Those fools actually doubted his judgement because he failed to show them how he came across that specific time.

That annoying little punk is constantly on Mutta’s ass, annoying the hell out of everyone. Little brats usually have big mouths, so I’m not surprised at that, but it wouldn’t kill Mutta to be a little bit more straightforward. He knows the real answer and he knows he’s right. I’m with him on this one, seeing as his memory never seizes to amaze. I am seriously looking forward to the next episode. Space Brothers is really addictive, hehe.

Space Brothers episode 11 screencaps

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