Jun 18, 2012

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Space Brothers episode 12

Oh Mutta… How many more kicks in my family jewels are you going to give me? I can’t believe I actually had such high hopes for the guy. Seriously, going to America may have done him more bad than good. If only it weren’t for that old man…

Remember how last week’s episode ended? Well, I thought for sure that Mutta had amazing memory and such, thereby being able to tell his team how late it was. That was not the case. The guy had seen the time on the bus clock when he exited the bus. That’s how he knew how late it was not. Did he tell them that? Oh hell no, he told them a pretty story about how he knew how fast the bus was going and how fast they travelled, and that he managed to calculate the correct time because of that. Seriously, just when I started to gain respect for the guy…

The next part was setting up rules. Every team had to establish rules in which they will live for the next few weeks. Rules that should keep everyone alive and well by the time their test ends. I just hope that that little brat doesn’t get elected as (one of) the leader(s). He has a big mouth and is more interested in showing off than in producing good results. He’s just selfish, that’s all.

I think Mutta, despite his lies, is the obvious leader. Everyone has respect for him, almost everyone likes him and he has been in a leading position before, not to mention having been a mentor for many people during his last job. He even made a bit of progress with Serika-chan, although she probably sees him as a father figure instead of husband material. It won’t be long now before their test ends and the astronauts get picked. I can’t wait!

Space Brothers episode 12 screencaps

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