Jun 25, 2012

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Space Brothers episode 13

That was a close one. I almost started rooting again for Mutta, even though he doesn’t actually deserve it yet. That guy has been playing dirty for some time now, so how could I possibly root for him? I think Serika-chan should become an astronaut before anyone else. She has a very valid reason!

This episode was yet another test-filled hell for all participants. Everyone received this wristband that, according to one guy, monitors a person’s heart-rate and such, merely to keep an eye on their stress levels. Well played JAXA, well played indeed. I wonder why Mutta hadn’t figured it out yet? Mind you, that guy is completely carefree. He’s fine with everything, as long as he sticks close to his beloved Serika-chan. I predict an awkward situation between those two in the future, when it comes to light that she sees him as a father figure before anything else.

This week’s main assignment was to write a letter to the media. It seems that there was a woman in the media with a lot of influence that seemed to think that astronauts contribute nothing to humanity, and that they do nothing else besides squandering hard earned tax money. See what you want, but she made some very fair points. However, the objective of this assignment was for each team to write a letter and the best one would get picked. In the end they picked Mutta’s letter; a blank sheet. He thinks doing is better than talking. It reminds me of an old saying; “talk is cheap”. Ah… the good old days.

Mutta may be old, lucky as hell and a tad bit dishonest, but he certainly has got heart. He remembers a great deal of what he learned as a boy. Things that help him to get passed certain obstacles. That is why he, in my humble opinion, should be the team leader. He is old (harsh but true), wise(-ish) and already has a lot of knowledge when it comes to being an astronaut. It is only a matter of time before the rest of his team acknowledges his skills, just like that JAXA staff have.

Space Brothers episode 13 screencaps

  1. I think Kenji is the most suited to be an astronaut, despite him having a family already.

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