Jul 2, 2012

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Space Brothers episode 14

This week’s episode of Space Brothers turned out to be quite amusing. So there weren’t any ‘special’ tests this time, who cares? It was funny and overall interesting. The thing that worried me most is that Mutta doesn’t seem to realize what’s happing with the people around him, and that’s actually a quality that a leader must have. You need to know what’s going on with your colleagues.

This episode put old man Fukuda a bit in the spotlight after that little brat broke his glasses. The monkey even had the nerve to weasel himself out of it without apologizing. Yeah, yeah… he bettered himself at the end, but that is not the issue right now. He is dead-set on being upfront about anything to anyone. That’s what’s going to cost him a position as an astronaut, I’m sure of that.

Old man Fukuda tried everything in his power to keep up with the rest, despite being restricted like that. It wasn’t bad enough that time itself was the enemy, with him being old and all, but now he had to complete typing tests without his glasses. I really felt sorry for the guy. He has been working so hard, hiding the fact that he was nearing his limit. Mutta, do something!

Think about it, that man has been working with rockets his whole life. It started out with creating them and he plans on ending with riding them. I tried to remain neutral when listening to that life’s story of his, and I would like to think that I succeeded. He only has himself to blame. He quit his job to become an astronaut, knowing full well that his chances of succeeding were slim to none, so it’s his burden to carry. Mind you, that’s one hell of a burden. He basically lost his family because of it. Most men would’ve quit right away, let alone make it to the third round. I really want to find out whether or not he will achieve his dream and make up with his family.

Space Brothers episode 14 screencaps

  1. i dont like that little guy he needs to be fired soon!!

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