Jul 9, 2012

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Space Brothers episode 15

Oh boy, yet another ball-busting episode. Is it just me, or are the assignments getting a lot more vile? The trainees are constantly being pitched against each other. I know it’s all part of JAXA’s tests, but come on… There should be a limit to how far you can take these things.

The rules that the teams set up in at the beginning are starting to look really stupid. Kenji realized that and was filled with regrets about that point-system of theirs. Not just that, that annoying idiot in his team is constantly looking for ways to shine a bad light on him, ensuring that Kenji is not seen as the leader. That guy has some major issues, for sure. Actually, I believe that he and that monkey from Mutta’s team are actually friends, as I recall seeing them together a lot. That explains a lot, as they are both untrustworthy and incompetent, but at least that monkey is heading in the right direction now. I’ll give him that much.

Kenji’s team had to put up with some kind of alarm that goes off at night, keeping them from falling asleep. That very morning they all sat around the table, trying to find out who the responsible one was. Kenji offered to sleep in the hall, hoping to find out where that sound was coming from, but that annoying moron wouldn’t let him. He thought that Kenji was trying to upstage him and earn some points out of it. That was when Kenji started to rethink that whole point-system.

Meanwhile Mutta’s team had a problem too; their clock was broken. Mutta knew that old man Fukuda was behind it, as he saw him break it when he woke up to go to the toilet. However, Mutta decided to stay silent about the whole think and cover for him. Destroying that clock was probably (one of) the condition(s) for getting new glasses from the JAXA staff. Yeah, that’s probably it.

I fear that the next episode will be just like this one, with people accusing one another for various things. It’s times like these were true leaders emerge, so it’s now or never for Mutta and Kenji. Someone has to be in charge. That much is certain. Things will only get worse if there’s no chain of command. I think that Kenji has it the hardest, as Mutta has already conquered most of his team’s trust. Things will get really interesting from now on, now that things have gotten like this.

Space Brothers episode 15 screencaps

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