Jul 23, 2012

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Space Brothers episode 17

Oh god, the madness just won’t end. I can’t even imagine how stressful it is to be in any of their shoes. They can’t even sleep peacefully, they can’t even do their chores peacefully and soon they won’t even be able to function peacefully when their food runs out. Dilemmas, dilemmas…

Mutta did some thinking during this episode. He remembered something he had picked up during his trip to America. He remembered that NASA deliberately sabotages astronauts by giving his colleague’s a “green card”. This green card contains specific instructions that will make things a whole lot harder. It seems that astronauts need to be prepared for everything, and be able to work under stressful situations. That’s why that specific training method was introduced. That same method, apparently, is being applied at JAXA. Mutta realized what was going on, so he decided to remain quiet and not rat out that rude monkey.

I foresee a lot of difficult situations during next week’s episode. Serika-chan mustered a lot of courage to tell Mutta about the food shortage. Sure, he thought that she too received a green card, but that’s alright. It’s better that way. This time Mutta will have to show his true abilities to lead a team. He knows everything about everyone, yet he kept quiet about everything. It shows that he’s reliable and that his team can trust him.

And finally, I would like to point out one fact; Mutta is unbiased. Sometimes it seems like he prefers Serika over everyone else, but it’s a fact that he treats everyone the same. He is friendly to anyone. He listens to anyone. He helps anyone. He basically does all the things that one would expect from a leader. He’s a liar too (don’t forget how he passed his previous test), but who hasn’t lied in order to advance in life? He’s still a good guy though.

Space Brothers episode 17 screencaps

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