Jul 30, 2012

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Space Brothers episode 18

What a great day. Great episodes to watch, lots of arguments won and great weather too. It almost makes life worth living. Too bad that works starts again tomorrow, which makes things a bit less exciting. We are all but slaves of the system, right?

Speaking about slaves, let us focus more on Mutta and Kenji here. The two of them have it very difficult. Kenji’s path is still a bit vague. He loves outer space, he wants to become an astronaut, yet his family is constantly on his mind. It’s too risky, I think. He has a loving wife and a cute daughter, plus he knows the dangers of being an astronaut, which is probably what’s holding him back right now. The fact that Yamato continues to thwart him doesn’t help much either. Yamato was supposedly number one on their ranking system, so he was the angriest when it turned out that it all had been erased. Naturally, he directed all the blame towards Kenji.

Mutta’s situation wasn’t much better either. He too received one of those dreadful green cards, instructing him to make strange noises around his colleague’s in order to startle them. That was very difficult, indeed. He couldn’t hide his assignment, as it involved all of his teammates. Surely the rest must’ve noticed that something was off about him. They had all gotten a green card, so they were aware of its existence, so that could very well mean that they all realized that Mutta was doing those things because he too received one. It’s a definitely mindf*ck, I’ll give them that. Love it!

Next week’s episode should clarify a lot of things. It also feels as though the end of their training is near. Everyone is tired and pretty much fed up with that particular type of training. It seems that they all just want to go home, and JAXA noticed that too. It doesn’t sound good, does it? Astronauts in training that want to go home after a few days of experiencing the life of a true astronaut.

The one thing I’m really happy about is that the total number of episodes still isn’t known yet. The show, just like with anime like Beelzebub, could get fifty to sixty episodes. I’m pretty confident that they could pull it off. There have been very few uninteresting moments in Space Brothers.

Space Brothers episode 18 screencaps

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