Aug 6, 2012

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Space Brothers episode 19

This is it people!  The third stage of their training is almost over!  I’m really looking forward to it. I’m pretty sure that both Mutta and Kenji are as good as in. Kenji definitely deserves it and Mutta, well… I’m still having mixed feelings about him. Let’s face it people, he hasn’t been entirely honest throughout his training.

I was really, really happy when I saw the progress that Kenji and his team had made. Remember last week? They were all fighting with one another. They were insecure about their position after their point-records got deleted. They were a mess, period. But now, now they were getting along just fine. In fact, Kenji was exhibiting leadership skills by keeping his team together. What was Yamato doing, you ask? Well, he was alone, sitting behind a laptop. My cheeks were hurting all day after smiling so much during that particular scene.

Meanwhile Mutta wasn’t doing too badly either. He was still doing those ridiculous Bruce Lee noises, as per JAXA’s orders. But it was fine. Everyone already knew about the green cards, which is probably why they didn’t pay that much attention to it. They have all improved as well. They weren’t arguing anymore, nor was it tense amongst the members. They were relatively relaxed.

Mutta, just like Kenji, proved that he had it in him to be a leader. He told everyone about the food shortage, and that they didn’t have enough food for the last day. That’s when he found a bag of flour and decided to teach them all to make Udon noodles. Everyone was smiling.

Mutta may not have been entire honest in the past, but he does have a lot of good points. He took control of that dreadful situation and calmed everyone down. He ensured that there was enough food for the last day and tried, but failed to keep their minds of the fact that they would have to pick two ‘winners’ soon. That’s right. It’s almost over. Just two days left before they are allowed to leave. Jeez, I’m really anxious. I just have to know what happens next. Just seven more days…

Space Brothers episode 19 screencaps

  1. Trisha Rivera says:

    When I first saw the first few episodes of this anime, I’d say I’m hooked with it. It’s a very fun, charming show where you want to know if their dreams can come true.

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