Aug 20, 2012

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Space Brothers episode 21

Here it is! Stage three of their training is finally over. It ended pretty quickly too. I was pretty sure that they would’ve taken their time during that whole rock-paper-scissors scenario, but no… They wrapped that up during the first five minutes. Pretty impressive.

All of the teams finished their ‘selection’ in their own ways. It’s just too bad that we didn’t get to see any of it. We still don’t know who did and did not win during that whole rock-paper-scissors thing. Only during the final few minutes did we learn that Yasushi was not one of the lucky two, which was kind of reassuring to be honest. He never was one of my favourite characters.

The trainees will probably have a few free days before some of them head out to Houston, where they will get to learn all sorts of things about being an astronaut. It came as no surprise to me that comedy took over during those few minutes, after which Yasushi got put in the spotlight for once.

We all know him, that arrogant little monkey that always seems to speak his mind. Apparently, he too had his worries. Yasushi is just a little guy, and NASA has specific height requirements for their astronauts. Yasushi did not meet those requirements, until one scientist designed a spacesuit for smaller astronauts. It seems that the scientist in question wanted to be an astronaut as well, but couldn’t become one because of his height. That is why he worked hard on creating a suit for smaller people, so that they too have a fair chance of becoming astronauts. It was quite the moving story, and it put Yasushi in a whole new light too, but I still don’t like him. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

Space Brothers episode 21 screencaps

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