Sep 10, 2012

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Space Brothers episode 23

What a satisfying episode! I was so disappointed last week when it turned out that Yamato, that arrogant little sh*t, took Kenji’s place in the fourth phase of their training. But this episode made up for that! Kenji and his interesting family are all here to stay! I can’t say that I’m disappointed to see Yuuri, one of the finalists, drop out like that. Frankly, I didn’t know much about that character…

So anyway, I have decided, primarily because I’m running out of time right now, to keep this post as short and simple as I possibly can. First I want to focus on Mutta’s current situation for a bit. We all know he’s poor, unemployed and once again living with his parents, whom, if I may add, are trying to get him back on his feet again by giving him little hints that he’s mooching off of them.

Still, all things considered, Mutta’s a devoted and hard worker. He has a lot of degrees (he must have, otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to design all of those vehicles), which he has no use of right now, plus he has the support of all his friends and family that want to see him succeed as an astronaut. Also, I ignore all fans that say that he only go this far due to sheer dumb luck. He was lucky at times, I agree, but that is not the only reason why he made it this far.

And finally, I would like to focus a bit more on that whole Hibito going to space thing. Mutta and all the other trainees that passed are going to Houston to see Hibito and his colleague’s rocket launch. The time has come where Hibito is finally going to outer space. I’m not sure how Mutta will react to this. Going to outer space is something both brothers have wanted since they were children, although one of them lost sight of that dream. Mutta has a lot of work ahead of him to make up for all that lost time, time which Hibito has invested in becoming an astronaut. I honestly can’t wait to see the next episode.

Space Brothers episode 23 screencaps

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