Sep 17, 2012

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Space Brothers episode 24

You know, I noticed something about Space Brothers today. Some people might actually be surprised by this, but I only recently noticed how informative this anime is. I mean, there’s a great deal I’ve learned about outer space and such. I know that a lot of that information is fictional, but I do believe that the majority is pretty reliable. They’ve done it pretty well, as they reach a large audience with this one show.

Moving on to more important things; Mutta is once again in America. Ah, America… The one nation where fast food conquers all and where rules were actually made to be broken. What an awful nation it truly is. But still, the entire world benefits from the crap things that originate from America, I suppose.

But let us focus more on the aforementioned anime, something that’s actually worth discussing. I have noticed that Hibito is having doubts. I don’t know. Maybe the fear for the unknown is starting to kick in? Also, I do believe that Hibito wanted to go to outer space with his brother, Mutta. It’ll take time before that’ll happen, providing Mutta passes whatever tests await him in the unforeseeable future.

I have written twenty-three posts about this anime now and I’m hoping I can successfully finish the twenty-fourth (this one). But you know, the thing about this anime is that I never really know what to say about it. I keep trying to think of things, but it’s hard. There are so many things that I want to say during each episode, yet most of it I have to delete to prevent me from making a huge post (I don’t want posts with more than four to five hundred words).

I will say this: I have high hopes for Mutta. I believe he has what it takes to make it. However, his inability to socialize properly with people from the opposite sex is a serious problem, so I fear that I don’t actually get to see any progress between him and Serika-chan. That is probably why she continues to see him as a father figure. That particular relationship continues to be interesting though, so they must be something right, at least.

Space Brothers episode 24 screencaps

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