Sep 24, 2012

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Space Brothers episode 25

Okay, I have no idea what to say about this one. It’s probably because I’m surprisingly disappointed by this week’s episode. I’m usually pretty happy with Space Brothers, but this week wasn’t as amusing as I had hoped. Could it be that I expected a bit too much? I don’t know…

So Mutta’s already in Houston. We know that. But what in the hell is he doing there? I thought that he went there to spend some quality time with his little brother, to train and do obtain as much information about the upcoming test(s) as he could. He may have done some of that, but, to me at least, it seemed as though he was getting in the way a lot. What was the point of having him there?

Also, was it really necessary to focus so much on Mutta’s parents? They have their moments, I’ll give them that much, but this was actually a bit strange. I was actually surprised that Yamato didn’t make a remark about Mutta already being in Houston. I can clearly remember him making sarcastic remarks about how nice it would be to have someone to tell him about all the upcoming tests.

I hope that next week’s episode will be better. We came to learn that the candidates will have to go through yet another interview, so that should be pretty interest, at least. I suspect that it will be similar to their first interview; an interview in a room where something has been sabotaged to make the candidate feel even more pressured. That was pretty interesting, so I’m kind of hoping I’m right. A straightforward interview with an astronaut sounds so boring. You need that little bit extra to makes things amusing for the viewers, but that’s just my opinion.

Space Brothers episode 25 screencaps

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