Oct 9, 2012

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Space Brothers episode 27

“Houston, we have lift-off!” – I think not. I have been waiting for two or three episodes now to see Hibito get launched into space, but they keep dragging things out. Just hurry up with it already. It doesn’t always have to be about Mutta and his progress.

Speaking about Mutta, the guy has confronted that astronaut, grumpy. It went better than I had expected. There’s one thing that confused me though. That guy isn’t very fond of Hibito, but is that because he’s like he used to be? There isn’t any other reason as to why he would hate Hibito. By that logic, it wouldn’t take long for him to start hating Mutta either.

Anyway, I’ll end this here for now. Not much interesting has happened. Mutta finished that ‘party’ and everyone is about to go to Florida, where they will enjoy themselves until Hibito’s launch. Things seem to be going pretty smoothly for Mutta. I don’t like that. JAXA never goes easy on people, so there’s probably going to be another one of those hidden tests soon.

Space Brothers episode 27 screencaps

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