Oct 29, 2012

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Space Brothers episode 30

It finally happened! Hibito is finally going to outer space. Quite a few episodes have past, but it’s finally happening. I didn’t even mind the fact that Mutta, being the same old clumsy fool, lost his dog. It has been annoying having to watch a show about astronaut without any of them going to outer space.

The first half or actually the majority of this week’s episode consisted of people trying to find Hibito’s lost dog. A nosy, rude little brat set him free, so it was up to Mutta and his friends to find and retrieve that damned monster dog. Don’t worry; I won’t start another rant about how much I hate children and why.

Let’s just say that it was rather disappointing to have Mutta spend the majority of this episode looking for that dog. Sure, it allowed him to meet that old man, whom turned out to be an NASA employee. But come on… It could’ve gone a lot more subtle than this. That’s all I’m saying.

Anyway, Hibito is off to outer space. This left Mutta pretty speechless. Let’s face it, guys… Mutta is completely jealous of his little brother. It’s his fault though. Mutta gave up on becoming an astronaut to go into the automobile trade. His little brother was the only one that continued to pursue his dream to become an astronaut. That is why I had a pretty big smile on my face when I saw his reaction as he watched his little brother’s space launch. That’s what you get for giving up on your dream so easily.

Space Brothers episode 30 screencaps

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