Nov 5, 2012

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Space Brothers episode 31

My, my… This episode sure lived up to my expectations. The last episode ended just as Hibito was about to launch into outer space. That was pretty painful. I have been waiting to see that for the last dozen episodes. But hey, it finally happened.

Anyway, it was rather disappointing to see Hibito handle space so well. It’s like his colleague said; most people usually vomit or experience dizzy spells during their first time. The change, not being able to tell whether it’s day or night, experience gravity or even see the sky can have a negative impact on someone. But no, not Hibito. He’s coping with it as though he’s been doing it all his life. It’s just not natural. Hibito’s a great character, and he worked hard to get to this point, but at least make it so he understand the significance of where he is. Make it a bit harder on him…

I can see it now… E-mails from readers that disagree with my previous statement. I’m not saying that Hibito doesn’t appreciate where he is right now. He’s been waiting a long time for this very moment. I know that. It’s just… It’s almost as though he’s the perfect astronaut. It’s unrealistic and strange. It’s not that these things don’t happen, because it does, but I don’t think it fits that character very well.

Oh well, that part of the story is over now. Hibito’s launch was successful, everyone enjoyed themselves and now it’s time for Mutta and his friends to continue their astronaut trials. I seriously hope that Space Brothers won’t be all about Mutta and his journey to becoming an astronaut. I would like to see him go to space too, eventually. It would be even better if his closest friends, Kenji and Serika, were to succeed along with him, just so that they could share their first mission together.

Space Brothers episode 31 screencaps

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