Nov 12, 2012

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Space Brothers episode 32

What a shame, Space Brothers is regressing so fast now… Everyone knows that Space Brothers plays in the future, so their technology is a bit more advanced than what we have today. But come on… How much more do you want to tone down the realism?

First; Hibito broadcasted live from outer space with one of those handheld cameras. Really? First of all, very few of those have streaming capabilities. They are small and the range in which some of those can transmit is limited. Very limited indeed. Yet Hibito had one in his hand, introducing himself and his crew to the world, live.

And second; how is it that they reached the moon in a day or two? It takes a state of the art shuttle about three to four days to reach the moon, yet it seems he did it in a day or two? I know the story depicts people in the far future, but that doesn’t mean they should get overboard. I saw Space Brothers as a show with a high level of realism, seriously. Only a small, unmanned shuttle has ever made it to the moon in just over two days.

Anyway, Mutta’s training will soon resume. He’s currently enjoying his freedom until it all starts again. Hell, the guy was stupid it enough to confront Azuma again. I was actually surprised to see them get along so well. I would’ve thought for sure that Azuma would aggressive when Mutta interrupted him during his meal with his family. It was quite the opposite; he learned a whole lot more about Azuma, and so did we. We learned that he didn’t want to be the first Japanese person on the moon because of all the publicity. He wanted his family to be left alone. So he asked Brain, a now deceased astronaut, for a favour, which is why Hibito is going to be the first Japanese person on the moon instead of Azuma.

Space Brothers episode 32 screencaps

  1. Loving Space Brothers man! Cool one 😀

    Has anyone checked out this other anime, Galactic 123? Its kind of cheap but enjoying it lol

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