Nov 19, 2012

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Space Brothers episode 33

This episode was a whole lot better than last week’s, yet I still feel a great deal of disappointment. I just watched an episode and saw things that could’ve been easily cropped to a minute or five. Why waste twenty minutes on a moon landing?

I know, I know… I sound very agitated and negative. I’ve had a very busy deal, so yeah… But! I’m not letting it influence my judgement, really. This episode could’ve been so much better if they didn’t try to stall so much. I mean, why focus an entire episode on Hibito’s moon landing? Rather, why focus so much on his jump? Why show us those magazines? That’s what I can’t understand. They could’ve done so many other things, like resuming Mutta’s training or given us a hint about the upcoming tests. It’s been weeks since we’ve seen any of that.

It really is strange. I had always hoped that Space Brothers wouldn’t always be about Mutta’s training. Look at it now, it’s about astronauts landing on the moon, doing all sorts of jobs that astronauts are supposed to do. Why is it that I long see some more of Mutta’s training? Do I just want to see how that ends? Do I actually enjoy watching him struggle through life? I can’t say for sure…

Anyway, I would love to rectify one thing; I may have been wrong in my last post about the duration of Hibito’s journey to the moon. It took him a day, or at least that’s how it looked like to us. However, his parents were back in Japan during this episode. That takes a lot of time, so I’m getting that it took him more than one day to reach the moon, which makes things a lot more realistic. I’m very happy about that. Yay, Space Brothers!

Space Brothers episode 33 screencaps

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