Dec 3, 2012

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Space Brothers episode 35

Oh, congratulations, Space Brothers, on knocking out your worst episode yet. This episode should be reported to the authorities for stealing twenty minutes of a person’s life. I am rapidly losing hope in Space Brothers and, just like Beelzebub and Sket Dance, it will probably meet a premature end due to a significant decline in ratings.

The episode started with one minute of last week’s episode. I was pretty mad.  A minute per episode is quite a lot, seeing as there are only twenty of them. How would the story benefit from showing last week’s scene where Kenji’s daughter and wife were playing around? Who benefits? Hell, that character isn’t even that cute. In fact, she’s rather annoying now that I’ve seen her so much.

I know, I know… It was a positive episode with positive news. Kenji has passed the test. Good for him, even though I still think he’s making a big mistake. It’s a high-risk job, which is something that you just can’t do when you have a family to take care of. Following your dream is fine, but it cannot stand in the way of your responsibilities as a parent.

That first minute was a real kick in the family jewels, but the rest of the episode just finished it. My jewels were ripped off, seasoned, fried and fed to some stray mutt. That’s what it felt like. It feels as though I’ve seen the same episode twice. Last week’s episode ended with a cliff-hanger, but did they really have to spend an entire episode to tell just one person the news? An entire episode to tell Kenji the news? An entire episode!? Get lost! Who cares about how he met his wife? Who cares about his previous job? I sure don’t. I care about a character’s future and about a character’s past that provides the viewer with information about the character’s future.

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  1. Xavier Hawthorne says:

    It’s really losing it’s charm, isn’t it? Ugh…..

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