Mar 25, 2013

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Space Brothers episode 50

Oh, Oh… Extremely short post alert! I hate how Space Brothers sometimes rises your hopes, only to crush it almost right away. Why? Why would they throw in such a boring episode in the mixture? Rather, why would they throw in such an uninteresting character in the mixture?

[HorribleSubs] Space Brothers - 50 [720p].mkv_snapshot_06.25_[2013.03.24_23.08.34]We knew that Reiji had to go back for his phone. We knew as soon as he said it last week. Still, I could’ve easily looked passed that if his reason was good enough. I cannot believe that we spent so much attention on his dopey little brother, a genuine NEET that refuses to leave his room because his brother is living his dream. I’m not interested in their quarrel, I’m not interesting in how that guy wants to become an astronaut or something like that. What the hell? Did we seriously spend this much time on a NEET? At least make it more interesting, like a dying family member or a once in a lifetime opportunity. Hell, give Reiji a pregnant girlfriend that’s about to give birth for all I care, but not a NEET brother. Shame…

Space Brothers episode 50 screencaps

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