Apr 22, 2013

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Space Brothers episode 54

Good job on raping Space Brothers even more. I had faith in you, Japan. Last week’s episode was bad, really bad, but I simply knew that you could do worse. I believed in you! Was I right? Of course I was, just look at how crappy this episode turned out to be.

[HorribleSubs] Space Brothers - 54 [720p].mkv_snapshot_00.07_[2013.04.21_21.44.30]Let’s face it guys; we just spent weeks and weeks watching Mutta’s training, including the many episodes where Hibito prepared himself for his first space mission. We spent weeks on this, people. It’s been only a few weeks, so those memories are still fresh inside our heads. That’s why I can’t understand why they’re airing this many recap episodes.

The manga is far ahead. Hell, it’s out of sight compared to the anime adaption. One recap episode I would’ve understood, but three or more? No way. That’s just horrible. I’ll wait till next week before I start thinking about dropping Space Brothers.

Space Brothers episode 54

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