Jul 28, 2013

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Space Brothers episode 67

Not a great deal has happened during this episode, hmm? I must say that I expected a bit more action. I’m also getting a bit tired of those Sharon-recaps. We all know about her condition, no need to give us those recaps at the start of every episode.

[HorribleSubs] Space Brothers - 67 [720p].mkv_snapshot_07.59_[2013.07.27_23.22.01]It’s always nice to see that Mutta is doing well. He is slowly getting used to the old man’s schedule and I’m sure that it won’t take him much longer for him to master the rest. You could clearly see that he has improved, too. That scene where Mutta flew in-between those two jets really surprised the other ascans, proving that they aren’t as far along as Mutta is. I guess Mutta really is picking things up faster than the others, especially since it was only last week that he chickened out when he was told to fly in-between two jets. Our Mutta is finally growing up…

[HorribleSubs] Space Brothers - 67 [720p].mkv_snapshot_16.24_[2013.07.27_23.22.24]Mutta kind of took it hard when the old man announced his retirement. Mutta is to be his last trainee. It’s not all that surprising though… The man is quite old and it won’t be long before he will really need that wheelchair of his. Besides, you really don’t want crazy old men like that in the sky for too long…

I don’t know how many more episodes we will have to watch before Mutta and his friends pass, but I wouldn’t mind watching one more episode of it. I hope that they won’t milk this out, because I really can’t want another month of Mutta’s airborne afro. It’s interesting right now, but that will soon change if you see too much of the same thing.

Space Brothers episode 67 screencaps

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